Ian Bickley

I currently work as User Experience Director for a mobile games company.

I've been doing UX for about 13 years or so now across various different platforms, including apps, websites and games, both console and mobile.

User Experience Design is a vastly deep and interesting subject and whilst I enjoy a laugh, I take what I do very seriously.

If you're a fellow UX'er, or just getting into UX, feel free to take a look at my detailed portfolio here, which goes into more detail about UX processes and practice.

As a cheeky bonus, I've also included 10 Principles of UX and Designing a First Time User Experience.

If you find any of this useful, or just want to say hello, I'd love to hear from you. My email is ian@ibux.design

To take a look at CV, hit the button below.

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UX Principles

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